You'll Soon Be Able to Take Selfies With a Wearable Camera Drone

Anna Green

In much the same way GoPro revolutionized first-person action video with its portable, wearable cameras, a start-up called Nixie wants to revolutionize the selfie. While GoPro builds durable, wearable cameras that are generally used to record a range of extreme sports and adventures—from skiing and snowboarding to sky diving—from a first-person perspective, Nixie is designing a portable, wearable camera that’s capable of capturing adventures from a distance. To that end, they’re working on building a camera-mounted drone that can be worn as a wristband before being launched into the air to take photos.

Design Boom explains that the Nixie camera is still in development, but developers say it will be officially released soon. The camera has already garnered its fair share of acclaim: Two years ago, it beat out 500 other competitors during Intel’s “Make it Wearable” competition. The final camera will snap photos and record video while hovering in the air and will serve as something of a “personal photographer,” allowing users to snap selfies from totally new perspectives.

[h/t Design Boom]

Banner Image Credit: Fly Nixie, YouTube