German Airline Increases Weight Allowance for Passengers With Books

Andrew LaSane
iStock / iStock

Keeping your luggage under the weight limit just got easier—that is, if you're flying Germany-based Condor Airlines and you want to carry a stash of reading material. According to Electric Literature, the airline has announced a new Buch an Bord (which translates to "Book on Board") campaign that will give well-read travelers an extra kg (just over 2 lbs) allowance so that they won't have to leave that dense hardcover at home.

The campaign—a partnership with 5000 bookstores in Germany—began about a month ago, Alexander Skipis, the managing director of the German Booksellers and Publishers Association told the The Guardian. To raise their personal weight cap, future Condor Airlines flyers simply have to visit their favorite book shop to pick up a Buch an Bord sticker.

The organizers hope the campaign will be beneficial to both travelers and book sellers, as they bring more foot traffic to the local shops.

[h/t Electric Literature]

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