Artists Convert Children's Drawings Into Adorable Jewelry

Anna Green
Tasarim Takarim, Etsy
Tasarim Takarim, Etsy / Tasarim Takarim, Etsy

Turkish jewelry company Tasarim Takarim immortalizes the wild, creative imaginations of children by making custom jewelry based on their art. This is Colossal reports that the two-year-old company, founded by artists Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu and Özgür Karavit, converts children’s drawings into gold and silver ornaments that can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or even cufflinks.

Like the artwork they re-create, each piece of jewelry is unique. Tasarim Takarim uses different tools and develops new methods for each work of art. Their goal is to convert the colorful doodles and intricate scribbles of children into two-dimensional metal pendants that capture the spirit of the child’s original artwork as much as its form. Tasarim Takarim sells its whimsical creations on its website and on Etsy. Check out a few examples of the work below.

[h/t This Is Colossal]