Kids Write Song to Try to Save Their School From Closure

Simon Brew
SAVE Baverstock School/Facebook
SAVE Baverstock School/Facebook / SAVE Baverstock School/Facebook

On June 30, parents and students of Birmingham, England's Baverstock Academy were informed that their school would be closing. The LEAP Trust, which runs the school, confirmed that it had recommended terminating the school's funding due to the failure “to secure a new and sustainable sponsor for the academy,” which is said to have a black hole in its finances totaling more than £500,000 (more than $650,000).

The school, which was founded in 1983, has more than 600 students on its register. They, along with their parents, have banded together to help try and change the school's future.

A petition to save the school has already garnered more than 2275 signatures. Now, several of the school's pupils have written a song, entitled "Where We Gonna Go?," and created a video to raise awareness of their plight. The hope is that a sponsor can come in and plug the aforementioned hole in the finances.

Here’s the song:

As things stand, the school will close its doors for the last time in August 2017.