Netflixers are Getting a Much Better Deal Than Cable Subscribers

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A quick glance at any cable bill will show that it's more expensive per month than Netflix, but what about per hour of viewing time? Stephen Lovely at AllFlicks recently did the math based on data from Nielsen and Netflix, which Vocativ turned into the infographic below. In his research, Lovely found that cable subscribers spend much more time watching television per month than Netflix users, but still end up paying about three times as much per hour of entertainment watched. 

According to Nielsen, the average person with cable spends about 5.38 hours per day (161.4 hours per month) in front of the TV, compared to around 1.67 hours each day (50.1 hours per month) for Netflix users. If both cost the same amount, cable would have the clear lead, but with a monthly fee that's about 10 times that of Netflix (on average), the streaming service takes the crown as the best value.

It's worth noting that as an illustration of value based on money spent and hours watched, the data does not take into account the quality of either experience, like original content versus premium programming, or re-watchability versus live broadcasts and shows, but that kind of value is unquantifiable.

[h/t Vocativ]

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