You Can Now Get Fresh Baguettes From a Vending Machine

Anna Green

The perfect French baguette might just come from a vending machine in San Francisco. CNET reports that entrepreneur Benoit Herve recently founded Le Bread Xpress, a micro-bakery that rolls out warm, fresh-baked baguettes 24 hours a day at The Myriad in San Francisco.

The bread vending machine is a perfect blend of San Francisco technological innovation and traditional French cooking: Every day, it’s loaded up with partially cooked loaves, and customers need only push a few buttons and submit payment via Android Pay or Apple Pay to receive a piping hot baguette in a matter of seconds.

Herve was reportedly inspired to start Le Bread Xpress after a lengthy and disappointing search for truly great baguettes in San Francisco. Like the baguettes it produces, the machine itself was invented by a French baker. Herve developed his own version of the original French micro-bakery design in order to bring great bread to the Golden Gate City.

Unfortunately for anyone outside of San Francisco, Le Bread Xpress only exists at The Myriad for now—but Herve says he already has plans to bring a baguette machine to San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria, and there’s always a chance he’ll keep expanding from there.

[h/t CNET]

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