Can You Find the Cat in This Photo?


There is an orange tabby cat napping in this photo. Can you spot it?

Redditor jmankruse posted the above photo of his cat Lloyd taking a snooze on some logs a month ago, and the good folks at Sploid shared it today. As a cat lover who prides herself on finding the cat in every single situation (it me!), I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me a very long time to locate Lloyd.

Why is it so hard to spot Lloyd? As mental_floss’s own Kate Horowitz explained last year, it’s because even though he’s a cat, Lloyd looks too similar to the logs around him for our eyes to easily pick him out:

"Human vision is very interested in changes and difference. When something new or unusual appears in your field of vision, your brain says, 'Ooh! Ooh! Different! Look at that!' But we’re really only good at noticing the big, significant differences. Our eyes take in information at an astounding rate, and we can't possibly pay attention to all of it."

Keep looking, and you’ll eventually find Lloyd (who, it must be said, is pretty cute). Or you can just look at the solution here. And when you’re done, try to find the iPhone on this carpet.