Watch People Wade Through a Pond of Computer Generated Koi Fish


A Japanese art collective called teamLab has created a psychedelic koi pond for Tokyo’s Odaiba Minna no YUME-Tairiku 2016 festival. This Is Colossal explains that teamLab projected multi-colored computer generated koi fish onto a shallow pool of water in a dark room in order to create their interactive exhibit. They used mirrors to give the impression that their virtual koi pond was without boundaries.

As visitors to the pond wade through the water, koi fish stream around them, occasionally bumping into their ankles and exploding into a burst of flower petals. The exhibit, which can be viewed above, is a surreal, otherworldly take on the traditional koi pond that adorns gardens around the world.

[h/t This Is Colossal]

Banner Image Credit: TEAMLABNET, YouTube