These Kids Cannot Wrap Their Minds Around Blockbuster Video

Erin McCarthy
Fine Brothers Entertainment/YouTube
Fine Brothers Entertainment/YouTube / Fine Brothers Entertainment/YouTube

Most kids today get their entertainment via streaming services like Netflix and Hulu at the snap of their fingers—so it’s no wonder that the kids featured in Fine Brothers Entertainment's latest "React" video can’t quite figure out Blockbuster Video. Some don’t seem to get the concept of a “video store”; others are horrified that renting movies back then required actually getting in the car and physically going to a location—with no guarantee that the movie you wanted would actually be there (“I feel bad, because you had to drive to a video store. And what happens if there was not a video?”); and their minds are blown when they’re told that there was a time limit on rentals. “That’s crazy!” one girl exclaims. “What if you don’t finish it?!”

It was a time “when people were very patient,” one boy muses. “And now, we are not.”

See how they reacted to other Blockbuster mainstays like membership cards, late fees, and those iconic boxes in the video above, though it can probably all be summed up by one simple, and hilarious, reaction: “I wonder how people lived!”