App-Connected Device Lets You Home Brew Your Own Cider

Anna Green
Alchema, Kickstarter
Alchema, Kickstarter / Alchema, Kickstarter

A startup called Alchema wants to make creating custom fruit ciders as easy as brewing your morning cup of joe. The Verge explains that the Alchema is a brewing system that uses a self-sanitizing pitcher equipped with sensors to take all of the guesswork out of the home brewing process.

The Alchema measures gas levels and alcohol content while your cider, mead, or wine is brewing, and automatically sends you update push notifications through its app. Users need only add their ingredients (Alchema provides a range of recipes but also allows users to concoct their own) and wait several weeks for fermentation to occur.

Of course, the Alchema isn’t the cheapest way to brew your own cider—though it claims to be the easiest. Alchema is currently accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter (they’ve already exceeded their initial campaign goal by about $80,000), and even their limited “early bird” discount will still set you back $299. But if you’ve always dreamed of brewing your own delicious ciders yet felt daunted by the process, the Alchema provides a great opportunity to get started.

[h/t The Verge]

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