The Moleskine Cafe in Milan Invites Patrons to Get Creative

Michele Morosi / courtesy Moleskine
Michele Morosi / courtesy Moleskine / Michele Morosi / courtesy Moleskine

Part of the appeal of owning a Moleskine notebook is being seen with one. Moleskine champions its signature product as “a nameless object with a spare perfection all its own,” and now the brand is encouraging fans to do more of their scribbling in public with the opening of a branded coffee shop.

As Co.Design reports, the newly-opened Moleskine Cafe in Milan aims to be the ultimate workspace for creative types. The layout of the two-story establishment is simple and chic, just like the classic notebook that inspired it. The dining/work area includes a communal table and private tables with seats upholstered in warm, primary colors, with white pendant light dangling overhead.

At the black food counter up front, diners can order soups, sandwiches, salads, and high-quality espresso and coffee. Visitors are even able to purchase their own Moleskine-branded coffee beans. Plenty of the merchandise Moleskine consumers are more familiar with is also available to buy from their retail section. In the spirit of fostering creativity, the space includes a gallery as well. Work from professional artists and pieces crowd-sourced from the web are both on display.

The new Milan location isn’t Moleskine’s first foray in the coffee shop business (they launched a cafe in the Geneva airport last year), but it does mark the start of their expansion into urban areas where writers and artists are likely to gather. If you and your Moleskine can’t make it to Milan anytime soon, the company also has their eyes on other cities in Europe, Asia, and North America for future locations.

[h/t Co.Design]

All images by Michele Morosi, courtesy of Moleskine.

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