Norwegian ‘Slow TV’ Is Coming to Netflix This Month

Michele Debczak
Screenshot From YouTube
Screenshot From YouTube / Screenshot From YouTube

There’s plenty of worthwhile content hitting Netflix this month, but make sure to leave room in your queue for 24 hours worth of salmon fishing. As Quartz reports, the Norwegian cult hit Slow TV is coming to the streaming service on August 5.

Slow TV is exactly what it sounds like. In 2009, the public broadcast network NRK aired the series’s first video: an uncut, seven-hour train trip from Bergen to Oslo. Since then they’ve released hours of programming in the same meditative vein.

The episodes making their way to Netflix this month feature riveting footage of a crackling fireplace, a leisurely canal cruise, and some very patient fishermen. The knitting episodes are arguably some of the most exciting from the series. The special follows a knitting marathon from “sheep to sweater” and includes shearing, thread-spinning, and a four-hour discussion.

Slow TV has proven to be a perfect fit for Norwegian audiences—over 1 million viewers, or 20 percent of the population, tuned in to their live train broadcast in 2009. Time will tell if the show will be as well-received on the same platform known for its binge-watchable content.

[h/t Quartz]

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