What Would Happen if Aziz Ansari Narrated a BBC Nature Program?

Jennifer M Wood
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When it comes to entertainment, Aziz Ansari has seemingly done it all. Though he began his career as a standup comedian (a job he still enjoys), the 33-year-old funnyman has since become a noted actor, co-creator and star of the hit Netflix series Master of None, and bestselling author of Modern Romance. But if Netflix has its way, Ansari may need to make room for one more job title on his business card: BBC Nature Documentary Narrator.

According to Redditor benmeiri84, a Netflix glitch seems to have caused an episode of BBC’s Sir David Attenborough-narrated Planet Earth to be rebranded with subtitles from Ansari’s standup special, Live at Madison Square Garden, both of which are currently part of Netflix’s streaming lineup. The company itself has not commented on the incident, which leaves the authenticity of the claim unsubstantiated. But there’s no denying that the resulting screen grabs are pretty hilarious (and oddly spot-on).

All images courtesy of BenMeiri84/Imgur.

[h/t: Reddit]