Zoom In on the Moon With This Unassuming Digital Camera

Andrew LaSane

If you want to capture a photo of something really far away, typically you'd need a DSLR camera with a really big zoom lens. But Gizmodo recently shared a video that someone shot using Nikon's COOLPIX P900, a compact camera with a zoom that goes from street level to the surface of the moon in a matter of seconds. There are no editing tricks at play, just some really powerful components built into a camera that weighs less than two pounds.

According to Nikon's specs for the COOLPIX P900, the camera has an 83x optical zoom, which is the equivalent of a lens with a 2000mm focal length. On top of that, the camera has a 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom super telephoto lens that doubles the focal length to 4000mm, and a digital zoom that almost doubles that. Because of the model's incredible zooming abilities, Nikon has already anticipated lots of moon pics and has even shared some tips on how to shoot for the moon, from using the built-in "Moon Scene Mode" to expose for the light of a full moon to using the P900's vibration reduction to stabilize the image. 

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner image: YouTube.

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