The World Yo-Yo Contest is Live Streaming Through Saturday

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If you ever played around with a yo-yo as a kid, you likely spent most of your time tossing it up and down or mastering a few simple tricks. But competitive yo-yoing is a different sport entirely. At the annual World Yo-Yo Competition, which started yesterday in Ohio, competitors from around the world gather to show off their yo-yo skills—and some of their performances are truly awe-inspiring, combining impressive dexterity, elaborate choreography, and inventive yo-yo tricks that seem nearly impossible.

The Verge reports that, this year, the World Yo-Yo Competition wants to make its yo-yo performances accessible to all. To that end, they’ve launched a live stream that will air until the competition ends on Saturday (the schedule of events is available on the competition website).

In addition to broadcasting all of the action on stage, the live stream is full of behind-the-scenes footage and candid moments as strangely endearing as the sport of yo-yoing itself. Already, The Verge notes, the live stream has captured the competition’s host reminding players not to leave used yo-yo strings lying around (“because we don’t live like a bunch of savages”) and to “try not to yo-yo around normal people because it scares them.”

[h/t The Verge]