High School Students in Japan Can Now Take Drone Classes

Andrew LaSane
iStock / iStock

Forget the old staples like wood shop and home ec. Students at one private high school in Japan are getting a more high-tech education through a new drone and robotics course, Engadget reports. The class, offered at Vantan High School, is described by RocketNews24 as a full-time, three-year program in which students are expected to learn everything there is to know about how drones work, including maintaining and inspecting them, the art of piloting, and computer programming.

RocketNews24 reports that the nontraditional high school—which already offers courses in modeling, barista training, and nail art—will begin offering the drone and robotics program next spring to current high school and graduating junior high school students. There are also plans to offer a six-month drone pilot and aerial course to adults in the near future.

With the market for both defense and civilian drones forecasted to grow significantly over the next five to 10 years, the class may be a good opportunity for students eager to break into the trendy tech field.

[h/t Engadget]

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