Leave a Trail of Animal Tracks With These Fun Flip-Flops

Anna Green
Ashiato Flipflops
Ashiato Flipflops / Ashiato Flipflops

This summer, kids can prowl the beach like a cat or stomp through the sand like a dinosaur with a new line of animal footprint sandals from Ashiato. Mashable explains that the Ashiato Animal Flip Flop Footprints are a wearable beach toy that leaves a trail of animal tracks in the sand as you walk. The flip-flops come in cat, monkey, owl, gecko, and dinosaur print shapes.

The flip-flops, which are wooden and nearly as wide as they are long, aren’t practical for everyday wear. Rather, they’re designed to be worn during playtime and removed when it’s time to leave the beach. While the flip-flops are designed for kids, they come in a range of sizes from extra small to large—so if you’re a grownup with small feet, you might be able to join in the footprint fun.

[h/t Mashable]

All Images Courtesy of Ashiato Flipflops