Immortalize Your Pet With One of These Adorable Decorative Pillows

Rebecca OConnell
Etsy / Etsy
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Think your pet has a cute mug? Their furry face would probably look great on a throw pillow. Sebnem of Etsy store ShebboDesign illustrates pets portraits and then puts them on a decorative pillow, which is arguably the best interior design choice any animal lover could make. Each one is hand-painted with eco-friendly water based fabric paint. Costumers can decide between a square, head-shaped, or a full body pillow. Sebnem generally works with cats and dogs, but bunnies and pigs make an occasional appearance too.

To get started, you need to send a portrait of your furry friend to the artist. Sebnem is pretty quick—the orders generally ship two to three weeks after payment. "I have a big passion to create new things with my hands and my brush strokes," the Istanbul-based artist writes on Etsy. "Drawing and Painting is one of the best expression way of myself. I love to work on various materials with different mediums while creating my whimsy designs."

Images courtesy of ShebboDesign / Etsy.

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