Make Your Monopoly Board Harry Potter-Themed

Andrew LaSane
Instructables / Instructables

Got an old Monopoly board in need of a magical makeover? Instructables user kroedel recently shared an enchanting idea for Harry Potter fans. It involves LEGO minifigures, a computer, paper, and a little creativity.

Using a standard game board as the base, the "PottoPoly" DIY project has you designing and printing Potter-themed adhesive labels to place over the existing spaces and swapping in new money and game cards. Kroedel has shared tips for creating custom artwork with characters and elements from the Potterverse, as well as links to download and print the designer's own center graphic and redesigned cards. If you're feeling inspired, though, no one will stop you from conjuring your own.

Making the labels and cutting them to size may take some time depending on how detailed you want your new board to look, but (as you can see below) the end result is worth it. All that's left to do is to track down some Harry Potter LEGO minifigures for game pieces, as well as hotels and houses from a Disney Monopoly set, and you're ready to play. Just don't cast an Avada Kedavra spell if gameplay gets contentious.

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Images via kroedel on Instructables

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