New Game Lets Kids Share Their Art With a Monster

Kate Horowitz
Osmo Games
Osmo Games / Osmo Games

We know you’ve always dreamt of donating your doodles to a monster. (Be honest.) Now an interactive game called Osmo Monster can make that dream a reality. The iPad-based game integrates a dry-erase board, markers, and a camera to create a unique, real-time creative experience.

The concept is simple: Users draw whatever they want, then give it to Mo, the program’s imposing-yet-friendly orange monster. Mo will then use his new one-of-a-kind gift to act out a story. With an aim to encourage creativity, not perfection, Mo doesn’t care if any given drawing is perfect; he certainly isn’t.

“Monster is actually a rare opportunity in computer vision where if a mistake is made, it is acceptable or even desirable,” Osmo co-founder Jerome Scholler told WIRED. “If he asks for an apple and you draw him a shoe, he’ll take it, pretends it is an apple, and this will be funny.” 

Like a lot of new technology, Osmo Monster isn't exactly cheap (the game itself is $49 and the accompanying equipment is $79), but it does look like a good time. 

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