Meet the Farmer Who Grows 100-Pound Veggies

Anna Green

Phillip Vowles has been growing giant vegetables for three decades. These days, his largest cabbages and zucchinis weigh well over 100 pounds. Vowles, who lives with his wife in Wales, won the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest cucumber 25 years ago. But he’s not in it for the glory: Vowles just loves growing delicious veggies and sharing them with the local community (including his local pub, which uses his veggies for Sunday lunch).

In the short video “The Jolly Green Giant Vegetables,” Great Big Story interviews Vowles about his love of giant vegetables. Vowles explains that he’s developed his own unique farming techniques over the years, carefully selecting seeds, breeding his own strains, and of course, talking to his plants to help them grow. “I’m up here every morning, every night, every single day of the week. There’s a lot of love and care goes into it,” he explains in the video above. “I think if I can do it, anybody can do it. And it’s a big thrill every day.”

[h/t Great Big Story, YouTube]