A Side-By-Side Look at Wes Anderson's Films and Their Inspirations

Andrew LaSane

Director Wes Anderson was a huge fan of films long before he started making his own, and it shows. Using the research and interviews of author and critic Matt Zoller Seitz, movie fan and video editor Luis Azevedo put together a supercut that shows side-by-sides of Anderson scenes with ones that influenced him—some of which seem like direct homages. 

From his first feature film, Bottle Rocket (1996), to others like The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), Rushmore (1998), and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), the video reveals how the director intentionally mimicked shots while also transforming them with his own distinct flair. Check out the clip above to see just how many of the references you've picked up while watching the director's notoriously stylistic films.

[h/t Kottke]

Banner image: YouTube

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