App Helps You Find the Best Time and Place For Golden Hour Photography

Caitlin Schneider
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A good photograph is dependent on a number of key elements, not the least of which is flattering lighting. And there’s no better light than during the aptly named golden (or “magic”) hour.

The golden hour occurs about one hour after sunrise or before sunset, and marks the time of day when the sun is casting a sort of soft, warm light that makes everything look spectacular. But it’s not just enough to be armed and ready with a camera when that special time arrives; you also need to know where to be. Luckily, an app called GoldenHour.One can help with all of it.

GoldenHour.One costs $3.99, and helps you find the best time, place, and weather conditions to shoot amazing photos. It predicts the SkyIndex (the chance for dramatic sky) and LightIndex (the chance for portraits landscape and architecture) at locations around the world, and detailed clocks, maps, and forecasts can help lead you to the best conditions. The rest of the magic is up to you.

To see more information about the app, including download options, head over to the App Store.

[h/t Lifehacker]

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