25,000 LED Roses Illuminate a Rooftop Garden in China

Michele Debczak

The fake flowers covering the rooftop of a building in Chengdu may not look like much during the day, but at dusk they come to life. According to inhabitat, the 25,000 LED roses are part of a traveling art installation currently on display in the Chinese city.

The project, titled “Light Rose Garden” is a collaboration between the creative agencies AllRightsReserved, PANCOM, and Amherst Inc. Between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. every night, the field of roses is switched on to illuminate the rooftop venue. The flowers are densely packed together, with 25 of them squeezed into every 32 square feet of space.

So far the exhibition has attracted large crowds, bringing in over 500,000 visitors in nine days to its Hong Kong location. The installation’s current run extends from August 5 through October 9, coinciding with Chinese Valentine’s Day in mid-autumn.

[h/t inhabitat]

All images courtesy of Instagram.