New App Teaches Kids How to Code With Japanese Pocky Candy

Rudie Obias
iStock / iStock

Japanese snack company Glico wants to make learning to code more appetizing. According to Engadget, the manufacturers behind the beloved Japanese snack Pocky recently launched a new mobile app called Glicode that teaches anyone how to write simple and basic code using candy and cookies.

In order to complete the game, users position and arrange Pocky and other Glico snacks (like Almond Peak and Biscuit Cream Sands) on a white paper towel in a way that translates into computer commands. Afterwards, users take a photo of the combo. If that code is correct, Haguhagu, the feature character, will move through various obstacles to complete the level.

While Glicode is targeted towards children, the app is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to code. Currently, it’s only available for Android in the Google Play Store in Japan, but Glico is working on an iOS version. Check it out below.

[h/t Engadget]

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