15 Adorable Images of Cats Sticking Out Their Tongues

J-List / J-List

Cat lovers have their pick of feline-themed coffee table literature to choose from. If photos of wet cats shaking themselves dry aren’t your style, there’s now an entire book devoted to pictures of cats sticking out their tongues.

According to Nerdist, Nekojita (“cat tongue” in Japanese) celebrates the cuddly creatures in their derpiest form. The book was recently released by the Japanese publisher J-List, which is better known for producing manga than pet photography. The description reads:

“Enjoy funny cat pictures with different types of breeds showing off their tongues in various ways from a little bit of their tongue sticking out to licking something continuously […] Recommended for cat lovers.”

The 80-page book is only available in Japanese for now, but as you can see from the highlights allow, each picture speaks for itself.

1. This cat is definitely not in the mood for a tongue bath.

2. Being a cat model is exhausting work.

3. Pictured: utter contentment.

4. This cat seems to be contemplating whether or not to stick its tongue out all the way.

5. An adorable perspective for us—for a mouse, not so much.

6. This subject would rather be taking a catnap.

7. When you’ve fallen and you can’t get up, stick out your tongue.

8. This isn’t what we’d think to bring to a picnic, but we’re not complaining.

9. A fabulous feline stares wistfully into the distance.

10. This cat is doing its best lion impression.

11. We’re guessing there was a can of tuna just outside the frame of this one.

12. When you tell your cat you’re adopting a puppy …

13. This kitten just discovered it has paws and it does not know how to feel.

14. This cat has spotted a mouse just out of frame ...

15. And finally, a cat that makes poking out its tongue look regal.

All images courtesy of J-List.