Lyft Will Soon Let You Stop for Wine During Your Ride

Shaunacy Ferro
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Lyft is changing up its app to give riders a little more power over their journey. SFist reports that the ride-hailing service will soon let you add stops along your ride, so you don’t have to beg your driver to detour to drop off a friend.

But Lyft isn’t pitching this as a way to make the sharing part of ride-sharing easier between friends looking to carpool. Instead, the company is suggesting you use Lyft to run errands. “Think of how an extra stop can add to your day—maybe it’s grabbing a coffee on the way to work or your dry cleaning before going home,” the company’s press release suggests.

The meter would still be running while you dash inside the grocery story to get your merlot for that dinner party or inside the coffee shop for a quick caffeine fix, but at least you can buy your wine or latte with the utmost ease. Maybe pick up a cup of coffee for your driver, too.

[h/t SFist]

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