The Time MythBusters Made, Busted a Million-Brick LEGO Ball

Chris Higgins
YouTube // Discovery Channel Asia
YouTube // Discovery Channel Asia / YouTube // Discovery Channel Asia

How hard is it to build something using a million LEGO bricks? And how hard is it to smash that thing once you've built it? Thankfully, both of these questions have already been answered by the MythBusters.

In the clip below, Grant, Tory, and Kari build a giant blocky "ball" using round-the-clock volunteer labor. Then they roll it down a ramp, with very satisfying results. Behold:

So what's up with the myth they were busting? They were working to recreate a 2008 viral video involving a similar-looking ball:

Sadly, the 2008 video is bogus, relying on CGI presumably to market the LEGO Indiana Jones game. We miss you, MythBusters.