Dutch Designers Create a House That's Built to Split Apart If You Get Divorced

Shaunacy Ferro

Ending a relationship can be torturous enough, even before you consider moving out of your shared home. A team of architects based in Amsterdam hopes to combat the stress of a major breakup by making sure that you don’t have to relocate. Prenuptial Housing by the designers at Studio OBA is created to split up when you do, PSFK reports.

The house—which the architects, inspired by the canals of Amsterdam, designed to float—is actually two separate units that interlock on top of one foundation. When a couple ends their relationship, the two halves can be separated again, and function as completely individual units.

The studio is still working on a prototype, and doesn’t provide any details on how exactly the interiors support a split. If there aren’t two kitchens, for instance, someone would end up with the expense of a major utility remodel after the physical and emotional breakup. However, Studio OBA plans to start taking orders for the house sometime next year, one of the project’s creators told Domain.

[h/t PSFK]

All images courtesy Studio OBA.

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