Lush Unveils Edible ‘Bath Bomb’ Breath Tabs

Michele Debczak

The cosmetics company Lush is best known for its fizzing bath bombs, mixed-by-hand makeup, and an unmistakable scent that permeates a mile radius around every location. Now the brand is venturing into the realm of oral hygiene with a line of fizzy, refreshing mouthwash tabs, Marie Claire reports.

Like Lush’s signature bath bombs, the breath-boosting tablets are made with a sodium bicarbonate base that reacts with a pleasant fizz when popped into your mouth. The suckable shape isn’t the only thing that sets these tabs apart from conventional mouthwash–they also come in a variety of fun flavors. Crème De Menthe, the closest they have to classic mint, is made with a mix of malic acid and peppermint oil. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy-inspired Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is flavored with lemon oil, and Ugai (Japanese for “gargling”) is packed with green tea powder and salt.

Unfortunately for U.S. Lush customers, the mouthwash tabs are only stocked in their UK locations for now. If you can’t wait for the product to make its way to the States, all three flavors are available to order online for around $7.76 before shipping.

[h/t Marie Claire]

All images courtesy of Instagram.

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