Food scientists have yet to breed a strain of bite-sized watermelons, but the cucamelon just may be the next best thing. This adorable fruit looks like a mini-watermelon on the outside and tastes like a cucumber when you bite into it.

The cucumber variety is native to Mexico and Central America, but it can also be found at some farmer’s markets in the States. Once you’ve gotten your hands on one, a cucamelon—also known as a mouse melon or Mexican sour gherkin—can be chopped into salsa, pickled in vinegar, or popped into your mouth skin and all. They have a mild sour flavor that isn’t present in regular cucumbers, which makes them the perfect addition to refreshing summer cocktails.

Cucamelons are planted in April and take two to three months to fully mature, so if you’re looking to grow some in your own backyard you’ll have to wait until next spring.

poppet with a camera via Flickr // CC BY 2.0