Feel Your Partner's Heartbeat in Real-Time With These Rings

Andrew LaSane
TheTouchx on Facebook
TheTouchx on Facebook / TheTouchx on Facebook

Want to feel more connected to your partner all day long? A new ring from tech company TheTouch promises to help, by delivering the pulse of one wearer's heartbeat to the other with the tap of a button, Mashable reports.

Similar to Little Riot's Pillow Talk wristband, the HB Ring delivers your partner's "heart beat" in real-time. Wearers experience the pulses as both a vibration and a blinking red light. Through the companion app, which receives information via Bluetooth, users can check when the battery is drained (160 hours of standby time, or 14 hours of active use) and when they're connected to the other ring in the pair.

Pre-orders for both the Solid Rose Gold HB Ring (limited to 50 pairs) and the standard HB Ring (also available in jet black or stainless steel) are open now, with the former retailing for $2990 per pair and the latter retailing for $599.

[h/t Mashable]

Images via TheTouchx on Facebook

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