The U.S. Capitol Building Gets the LEGO Treatment

LEGO Group
LEGO Group / LEGO Group

As the next installment in the Architecture series, LEGO is taking fans to Washington, D.C. On September 1, the company will release the United States Capitol Building kit, a 1036-piece replica of one of the most recognizable structures in the country.

The Capital Building has been through a number of changes since it was first designed by William Thornton and built in 1793, but LEGO's replica focused on the most current version, including some of its more iconic architectural features—like the white, cast-iron dome—that were not added until the mid-to-late 19th century, ArchDaily reports.

At 17.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches high, the model packs in an impressive amount of detail. The dome of the LEGO kit is removable, and underneath is a view of the National Statuary Hall and its pillars, tiled floor, and various statues.

Check out more photos of the set below, as well as an infographic that LEGO made to educate builders on the architecture of the real landmark.

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All images via LEGO Group

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