Pizza Hut Debuts New Box With a Pair of Playable DJ Decks

Rudie Obias
YouTube / YouTube

Last summer, Pizza Hut released a box that doubled as a movie projector when paired with a smartphone. Now, the UK branch of the fast food chain is serving up another unusual packaging option: the "world's first playable DJ pizza box" with touch-sensitive turntables and DJ mixer with volume and pitch controls, Gizmodo reports.

Pizza Hut partnered with MC P Money and Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra to design the sleek battery-powered pizza box, which features conductive ink from Novalia, a company that specializes in printed electronics. To use the musical packaging—currently only available at a limited number of locations in the UK—users simply connect the pizza box to a smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth and then use DJ software like Serato or Ultra Mixer to crossfade, change pitch volumes, cue up music, and rewind tracks with their fingers. Customers can even use the turntables to scratch, as DJ Vectra demonstrates in the video below.

[h/t Gizmodo]

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