Japanese Cartoon 'Bananya' Tells the Tale of a Cat Who Lives Inside a Banana

Rebecca OConnell
Crunchyroll / Crunchyroll

Japanese pop culture has a long history of taking animals (like a mouse) and turning them into something much cooler (like Pikachu). They also have a history of anthropomorphizing various foods and making them adorable (see: Gudetama). So it makes sense they would combine those skills to create Bananya—a lovable feline character that lives inside a banana.

As Techly reports, this new cartoon has been capturing the hearts of food and animal lovers everywhere. The anime features Bananya the banana cat, who lives among other banana cats in perfect, adorable harmony. Technically, they are cats that hide inside banana peels and only emerge when humans aren't nearby, Toy Story-style. Why no one is ever around to eat these fruity felines is a mystery, but we're grateful the show decided to skip that detail. After watching an episode, we've decided it's better not ask any questions.

Bananya started as a mascot for a stationery store called Q-LIA, and the anime premiered on July 4 after a successful crowdsourcing campaign this past March. There are currently six episodes, which can be viewed on Crunchyroll.

[h/t Techly]

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