Baby Born on International Flight Gets 1 Million Airline Miles

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A recent flight from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Manila, Philippines took an unexpected turn when a pregnant woman went into labor about halfway through the nine-hour journey, 36,000 feet in the air, The Guardian reports. According to another passenger, the woman returned to her seat with baby Haven shortly after giving birth in the front of the plane. It was the first time a child has been born on a Cebu Pacific Air flight, and in celebration, the carrier awarded Haven and her family 1 million travel points.

The flight diverted to land in Hyderabad, India to get the mother and child—who arrived five weeks before her due date—medical attention. Luckily, there were two nurses among the passengers willing to assist with the birth, which took place in a “more spacious area in the front of the plane,” according to one passenger’s account. Two of the flight attendants with nursing training were on hand to help as well, and when the baby was born, several passengers with infants themselves offered clothes and other necessities to the new mom.

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Pregnancies typically last somewhere between 37 and 43 weeks, and many airlines place restrictions on pregnant women traveling in their third trimester, often requiring a medical clearance for flights after the 28-week mark. Cebu Pacific requires a medical certificate from a physician clearing a pregnant woman for travel after the 34th week.

This isn't the first baby to be born mid-flight, but it's definitely a rarity. In the past, a few lucky babies born on airplanes have been awarded free flights for life, though giving birth in the sky can make nailing down your baby's nationality a little tricky.

It’s certainly not the easiest way to get airline rewards points, but little Haven will no doubt be a loyal Cebu Pacific customer in the future: Her 1 million points are worth almost $108,000.

[h/t The Guardian]

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