Coffee Tables Create the Illusion of Animals in Water

Alvin Ward
Derek Pearce & Logical Events Limited
Derek Pearce & Logical Events Limited / Derek Pearce & Logical Events Limited

Most homes have coffee table books, but who needs a copy of Humans of New York when your coffee table itself can be the conversation piece? Artist Derek Pearce creates unique tables that look like animals are emerging from water. The glass doubles as the water, and the animals keep the glass up. The special tables appear to defy gravity—dolphins swim through the glass, a seal pokes its head up, and an otter relaxes on the surface.

Pearce's first project was a hippo in 1997, but he has since moved on to create a wide array of different animals. Each piece can be sculpted in wood, resin, or bronze, and they're all made to order.

When Pearce is not working on quirky pieces of furniture, he's working in the theater—whether it's acting on stage or working behind the scenes. He's also a musical director and teacher with a knack for piano. You can buy one of his amazing tables on his website

[h/t Bored Panda]