Marvel-Themed Harleys Roll Out in Australia and New Zealand

Harley-Davidson / Harley-Davidson

One of the most confusing tie-in toys of the 1970s was Marvel’s Spider-Car, a four-wheeled vehicle that could comfortably fit one Spider-Man action figure. The accessory made no sense, as Spider-Man can easily bypass traffic by shooting his synthetic webbing across the skyline. Decades later, Marvel hasn’t given up on the idea of pairing their characters with transportation—and this time, they’ve gone bigger.

The comics publisher has partnered with Harley-Davidson for a line of 25 custom motorcycles that utilize paint jobs and designs to depict the iconography of Captain America, the Punisher, Black Widow, Thor, Groot, the Wasp, and, naturally, Ghost Rider.


The bikes (which would pair well with HJC's line of Marvel-themed helmets) are currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. In order to win one of the exclusive Harleys, residents need to vote for their favorite bike from the collection.

If you’d prefer a bike that’s built by a comic book hero—or at least a guy who has played one—then you might want to check out Arch Motorcycles in Hawthorne, California, which is co-owned by the star of 2005 film Constantine and bike enthusiast Keanu Reeves. The $78,000 machines are custom-tailored and personally test-driven by the actor before rolling off the lot.


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