This Family Lives Inside a Farmhouse Inside an Airplane Hangar

Anna Green

Architect Adam Kalkin and his family live in a 19th century New Jersey farmhouse that sits inside a modern airplane hangar. In the video above, the innovative architect, who runs the design and manufacturing company Industrial Zombie, explains how he came to design his family’s unique home. The idea, he says, was to find a way to preserve the historic farmhouse while making more space for his family and expressing his own creative vision.

While the house-within-a-house structure might sound strange at first, Kalkin says that each architectural choice he made was motivated by his desire to integrate modern and traditional architectural designs. "Architecture can be so many things, and yet it tends to be about so few things," he explains. "But there’s nothing that actually restricts the range of reference of architecture."

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Banner Image Credit: Kirsten Dirksen, YouTube