Pandora Will Soon Let You Listen to Specific Songs on Demand

Shaunacy Ferro
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Pandora is changing its tune. The music service will roll out on-demand music streaming in the near future, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Currently, Pandora only allows users to create “stations” that curate music based on a specific artist or song. You can listen to a playlist based on Blink-182, but you can’t just listen to the tracklist of the band’s new album in order. Because of that, Pandora doesn’t have to seek permission from record labels to use their music, as the WSJ points out. But the company is currently cementing deals to offer a subscription service that would allow users to choose what they want to listen to on-demand—as competitor Spotify does, and as Rdio, the company Pandora acquired in 2015, did.

The new service will reportedly cost $10 a month, compared to the $5 a month Pandora’s current ad-free radio service currently runs. It could be available as soon as next month, giving streaming-service-shoppers something to rejoice over.

[h/t The Next Web]

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