This Entomologist Has Been Stung by Insects 1000 Times

Anna Green

Justin Schmidt is a world famous entomologist and creator of the Ig Nobel Prize-winning Schmidt Pain Scale, which ranks the relative severity of insect stings on a scale from one to four. He’s also been stung by insects 1000 times over the course of his many years of research.

In the short video "The Sting King," Great Big Story interviews Schmidt about his love of bugs and the suffering he’s undergone for science. Schmidt says he doesn’t enjoy letting insects sting him, but claims it’s the best way to collect precise data. "My passion is insects, and stinging insects, in particular. Yeah, I get stung, but that’s all just part of the passion," he explains in the video above. "The sting helps me understand what the insect’s doing—and I get to be out in the sunshine, out in the rain, out in the environment, studying these magnificent, beautiful insects."

Banner Image Credit: Great Big Story, YouTube