Italy Is Giving Its Young Adults Nearly $600 to Spend on Books, Film, and Music

Michele Debczak
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Making time to enjoy the culture that surrounds you in life isn’t always easy, but soon young adults in Italy will have a good reason to do so. As Independent reports, the Italian government will begin granting 18-year-olds a €500 "cultural bonus" (about $563) to spend on books, concerts, films, museums, theater tickets, and admission to national parks.

When the program begins on September 15, Italian citizens who are 18 years of age can claim the bonus through an app and download vouchers to their phone. The funds will be good through the end of 2017.

"The initiative sends a clear message to youngsters, reminding them that they belong to a community which welcomes them once they come of age," Tommaso Nannicini, the parliamentary undersecretary who is heading up the program, told the Corriere della Sera. He also said the project will serve to teach citizens "how important cultural consumption is"—a lesson the government has decided is worth the program's €290 million (or $326 million) price tag.

[h/t Independent]

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