A Rabbit Cafe Just Opened in Hong Kong

Anna Green
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Animal lovers looking for a caffeine fix can now hop on over to Rabbitland, Hong Kong’s first rabbit cafe. Mashable reports that the new cafe, which opened on August 16, is home to a dozen adorable floppy-eared bunnies.

As they sip tea and snack on sandwiches, customers can wander the cafe, feeding and petting the 12 rescued rabbits. While the idea for Rabbitland was likely inspired in part by the rising popularity of cat cafes (of which Hong Kong has several), co-founder Teddy Chui claims its purpose is also to teach kids how much work it takes to care for a pet bunny. He wants parents to bring their children to Rabbitland where, in addition to cuddling the adorable bunnies, they can learn firsthand about rabbit care before buying a pet of their own.

Chui also encourages all customers to play with the rabbits—so long as they don’t pick them up or pull on their ears—making Rabbitland the perfect place for Hong Kong residents without pets to make a few new furry friends.

[h/t Mashable]

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