Comparing Coach-Class Legroom Across Airlines

CNN Money
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CNN Money


It’s no secret that airlines want to shove as many people into their planes as humanly possible, shaving off legroom and, frankly, butt room inch by inch. It’s such an issue that the some U.S. senators put forth a plan to regulate seat sizes earlier this year (it failed).

Not every airline offers the same amount (or lack) of room between seats, but it’s hard to visualize the difference between 31 inches and 34. CNN Money’s graphics whizzes put together this animated gem, which shows how legroom compares across several different airlines. The animation moves through the different setups, bolding the airline’s name and legroom inches as the seat setup is visualized above. JetBlue’s refrain, "the most legroom in coach," bears out, while Spirit’s stingy spirit—half a foot less legroom than Jetblue—becomes even more apparent.

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