Shipwreck Hunters Discover Century-Old Train in Lake Superior

Michele Debczak
Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube / Screenshot via YouTube

A group of men recently discovered a very different type of wreck than those usually found in the Great Lakes. On July 22, shipwreck hunters from Canada and Minnesota found a locomotive beneath Lake Superior 106 years after its derailment, Michigan Live reports.

The Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive No. 694 was traveling on June 9, 1910 when it collided with a rockslide blocking the tracks. The crash sent the train tumbling down the 60-foot cliff into the lake below, killing three men on board.

Several of the boxcars were found in Lake Superior in 2014, but the rest of the train had remained elusive until last month. Retired rescue squad captain and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operator Tom Crossman led the expedition after getting interested in the story last year. Using coordinates from the boxcar discovery in 2014, they were able to successfully locate the locomotive, hidden amongst rubble from the accident 235 feet below the surface.

The team originally hoped to the recover the train from the lake, but the damage has been deemed too severe to be worth salvaging. The new plan is to find a bell or whistle from the train and donate it to a local museum.

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