Mailman Writes Letter For Dog Who Loves Picking Up the Mail

Anna Green
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An Australian mailman and an adorable golden retriever named Pippa are showing the world mail carriers and dogs can be friends, after all. The Huffington Post reports that mailman Martin Studer has made a point of befriending all of the dogs along his route, but has struck up a particularly close friendship with Pippa over a common interest: mail.

Pippa, according to Studer, enjoys picking up the mail for her owners each morning—and Studer looks forward to handing it over to her. Studer averted a crisis one recent morning when, finding Pippa’s owners hadn’t received any mail, he decided to write Pippa a letter himself.

In a recent Facebook post, Studer explained "Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there's no mail for her to collect. So I have to improvise." He shared a photo of the letter he wrote—which reads "mail for Pippa" with a few hand-drawn hearts—as well as the happy pup picking up the letter. He later explained to BuzzFeed, "It’s good to break down that ‘postie vs. dog’ stereotype."

[h/t Huffington Post]

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