Play Tic-Tac-Toe and Solitaire Right in Your Google Browser

Anna Green
istock / istock

If you’re looking for a way to waste some time—without wasting space on your phone—you can now play solitaire and tic-tac-toe right in your Google browser. Just type the name of your preferred game into Google’s search field, and a simple digital version will pop up.

Neither game is particularly revolutionary in its design: Google solitaire looks a lot like the Microsoft Solitaire game that comes pre-installed on Windows computers (but with the Google logo on the cards, of course). And there’s not much you can do to put an original spin on tic-tac-toe. But each game comes with all the settings you’d hope for, including different difficulty levels, a full screen version, and a one or two-player version of tic-tac-toe.

It’s also part of a broader Google initiative to expand the range of Google search features. Tech Crunch notes that, in addition to the two new games, Google now lets users listen to different animal sounds (by Googling "what sound does a dog make," for instance) and flip a coin (a useful tool for an increasingly cash free world).

[h/t Tech Crunch]