Experience the Eerie Silence of Space

Caitlin Schneider

Space is a vacuum, so it’s perfectly appropriate that Cody of YouTube channel Cody’s Lab would use a vacuum to demonstrate the Final Frontier’s otherworldly lack of sound.

In the video below, he simulates the aural experience of being in space by plopping a camera inside a vacuum chamber and sucking all of the air out. As he lowers the pressure, the decreasing air (along with the noisy machine) slowly drowns Cody out as he continues to speak. Things get really eerie though when the machine goes off and he taps on the glass—still no sound. The airlock is totally quiet and behind the glass, which sort of gives the illusion of being inside a helmet, and is therefore probably the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like a suited-up astronaut in space.

Headphones are highly recommended for this one. And if you’re interested in hearing the few chilling sounds that can be detected in space, listen to the movement of planets here and moon music here.

[h/t Gizmodo]

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