Experience Yosemite in Virtual Reality With President Obama

Michele Debczak
YouTube // Oculus
YouTube // Oculus / YouTube // Oculus

On August 25, the National Park Service celebrated 100 years of conserving our country’s most remarkable natural properties, as well as historic sites and monuments. If you’re unable to celebrate the centennial by visiting a park in person, a new virtual reality experience offers a tour of Yosemite with President Obama as your guide, Fast Company reports.

"Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America's National Parks" is a collaboration between Oculus VR and the National Park Service. The 360-degree footage follows President Obama on his recent trip to Yosemite, treating viewers to an immersive look at landmarks like El Capitan, Mariposa Grove, and Yosemite Falls. Along the way the President shares his reflections on conservation and the importance of the national park system.

The VR experience is now available to download for free to use with Samsung’s Gear. For a sneak peek of the scenery, you can watch the preview below.

[h/t Fast Company]

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