Introducing a New and Improved Airplane Headrest

Kirstin Fawcett
Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific / Cathay Pacific

Let’s face it: Sleeping upright in an airplane seat is really uncomfortable. Neck pillows don’t offer a ton of support, plus they slip off. And while airlines have tried to make flying more comfortable by introducing built-in airplane headrests on seats, most of them can only be adjusted four ways—up or down, with side cushions that fold in and out.

To make resting mid-air a little easier, Travel + Leisure reports that Hong Kong’s main airline, Cathay Pacific, rolled out a new-and-improved headrest on its Airbus A350 last May. Created by London-based design firm tangerine, the headrests are designed to move six ways: up, down, and into different side angles that can be adjusted for additional lateral support. That way, you can mold the headrest to your personal preferences and let it cradle you as you slip off into dreamland.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]

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